Hesitation brings clarity.

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what is the truth ? this is the common question and every ones question .

To discuss truth we can take it into two context one which is with reference to life and second is with what we speak ,yes i can see your weird face any way its good .

so what we speak is gathered from our senses and variety of works like reading facts or writting facts which is so important in our vschool time or its right now also ,you are reading this now question for sure is is this ruth or lie or some fact but i know you will read it .

so what we speak is fact which is with reference to some paper or book or video or what ever which is changing all the time if you pay enough attention to it ,if some body is richest today after 1 year some body else will be rich so this is endless process after which lot of people looking for .

with reference to life we can take it with time and space of present yes ,right now at the moment at what space you are and time is the only truth with life . the best part is ..it is also changing time to time and space to space if you place enough attention to it .

then question arise is what is the universal truth , rising sun and moon is the only truth ,when sun comes up it lights up every body on the planet weather its a worm or insect or prisoner or thief or rapist or president or king or man or woman ,every creature get light ,it is for every body no discrimination .

A very well said -“what is truth and what is untruth its not in the words that you speak ,its the way you hold your life “.


Common principle

Just read it because any way you will read even you know this.To every expect of physical world what ever it is. Physical world means which is influencing your physical body , period!

It has three stages.

1-START – Just start by simple decision no matter how big it is after all big is created by you .

2-PROCESS – This is the stage where the real game start and whole life is this, you are in this process stage learning the game of life. So real learning stars here and this goes on till death in context to life but in physical world process continues till the next stage.

3- FINAL – This is the result stage where what you created, Learned in second stage will be out to world. Don’t fear of this result no matter what it is. It is for time being and after some time result will be replaced by some other person .

Only second stage matters and which is in your control.

Game is same only the players change. -nk

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Full Moon Day (Purnima)

let be clear first that what is written here already in experience to yourself but don’t know weather you are conscious about it or not anyways lets come to the point ,So today is Purnima(full moon day) and it is the only natural satellite to this planet and revolving around it don’t know why ?

but my point here is not to take away this from planet but to be conscious about the influence of this ,its little pathetic if i tell you my story but anyway you are going to read it so this is like this.

“For last two day i am experiencing something more inside me and unable to figure out why its happening and today its at peak I can say this because I unable to manage the peak then i went out my room and to be clear full moon it is ,to confirm this I inquired my loving grandmother because Hindi calendar is on her finger tip any way and its my second continuous full moon day experience. ”

now when I did little research about this why i am not able to manage thing means i am little more frantic ,angry to everybody ,eating more ,doing things in little more pace ,writing speed,speed driving ,taking stimulant(tea) ,more distraction ,more decisive,eating fast,talking more ,it means every thing is little more then other days ,be kind about my behavior but what i am trying to say is that why is more ???

After some research i got that our body is 70% water ,earth is 70% water and even the waves of ocean on high rise so surfing is totally idiotic today ,and the gravitational pull between the two is more intense on full moon day and even more on no moon day and after going to some yogic lecture then I found that today what ever you are you will take some peak .

Then i thought how we can use this day because cosmic energy is the ultimate energy , then i thought that if all frantic thing happens today then some miraculous thing can also happen so am i prepare my self about this and then this full moon day be more useful tool to everybody .If we can use this day consciously to expand can go beyond .

Good night .

telescopic picture missing !


Dimensions of life.

There are many talks going all around the world about this but to my understanding there are infinite dimension to this cosmos which has no start and no end at all .you can understand this by a little example if i ask you that how many lines can pass through a point now your answer will be infinite yes .I know you thought about three which you have learned in school to top the exam and it is good to top in exam only but in context to life it is infinite . But majorly there are four dimension upon which you must to work on that is body , mind , emotion and energy .

Now you all are thinking only four can be worked very easily yes it is easy by little practice on it .Obviously there are many further inner dimension to this dimensions,as there are dimensions of dimension so further about will be discussed in next blog .


Love is the only tool which can heal many aspect of the life weather it’s between police and prisoner or what ever , when prisoner get sick then the police the who will take care of the prisoner and it’s funny to see prisoner who is locked up on prison is freely talking and sharing moment the same police and make him understand the life. That’s how life go .