Cycle of miseries.

It is very clear that this cycle never ends ,now days in India and in developed countries are facing employment problem ,and i am very surprised to see that people are literally abusing government for all this i though how is that possible.

look this problem or any other problem in world were earlier even 1000 of years ago and it still going and and its a never ending line because you can not control the birth or death cycle or any region or country or whole planet i mean to say that you cannot hold the birth specially birth of any for 30 -35 years because no matter what you try to implement only few people will follow some body will do something else and that’s okay this way problems are carrying forward to generations to generation ,so jobless problem ,disease or what ever problem you see it will remain now comes the real twist in this is the converse of all this is also true not true but in fact its also going on and we have to work in this perspective and be only in solution side and improvement is the only thing you can do ,there is no other way period !

you can think practically that whole world follow Krishna or Rama,Jesus,Buddha and many more ,question is when at that time means 2000 -2500 years ago when this people where there then you are crying like hell  then don’t know how worse this will go ,but the converse point is very interesting when you thing opposite of all this then you will find the solution and see the problem is not problem its opportunities and you will see how happy you are today feeling joy .

lastly all this theory work in every field may be in job ,industry ,environment ,everywhere .

only you can do is pick one opportunity and keep on solving with joy . -author





fasting will make mind strong which directs the body ,now body is not controlling any more ,finally you get that you are not the body .



“what is truth and what is untruth ,there is no such thing like truth and untruth , The way you hold your life is truth” .period ! the way you experience is life .

There is no doubt that everything is created by the five element i.e sky ,earth,water ,air & fire and this is also evident that these are the destroying element also .Actually today when i was in my room as usually preparing for exam ,there are three plants which I kept just and occasionally I use to just sat behind it and observe them just observing how they are happening ,one thing i want to tell that there is whole life happening there you can learn life lesson ,anyways then after one month some leaves are shedding then I trim them and left there on the same soil just beside the root and with in a day what I observed is the same soil which is creating and growing the plant is decaying ,this just blow my mind ,how is this possible ? the same soil is creating and decaying factor obviously soil is getting water ,light ,under the sky ,air and this totally changed my perception toward life element and life ,it is so clear from this the plant is growing and decaying in he same soil and a full fledged life is happening here no discrimination no sorrow nothing just life a full happening life and this is the life .


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During planing just make a plan after implementing most of the thing from the plan some thing will work some thing will not work and i think that’s okay it doesn’t matter weather it worked 100% or not ,i think effort in the right direction is important sometime rather than whole plan .

today i came to the point where game is going more intense and i have to be more precise and calm to the situation i am saying all this because when you are passing through various stages in life ,its easy to sort thing between right or wrong or good or bad but once you master this stage then next stage is where you only get right things and now you have to master between right and absolute or ultimate right ,so game is getting more intense because everything seems so right and the only way is becoming more calm poised sharp inclusive ,inward focus .

and i think i am enjoying this to and i will pass through this phase also in search of deep inside and real me .

I think life is about making future by planing in and executing in present and be more wise by the past ,I am saying all this because today I fill like there is going back to life or you can’t go back to past only thing is you can take energy from past and invest in present and future will automatically become bright.this recall a beautiful line by Swami Vivekananda is “no matter how low or depressed a man is ,one day he will take an upward rise break all his limitation”.

“mano ya na mano tum sare subject( or syllabus) ko jindagi me kabhi na kabhi padh chuke ho bs plan to recall and revise ” & I mean this.

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“Each night, when I go to sleep , I die. And the next morning, when i wake up, I am reborn. ” -MG

This truth by mahatma Gandhi push me more closer to life and I think bed should be as comfortable as possible I mean to say at least you  die happily and no one will disturb you here. This is my thought on bed and sleeping , at-least you die peacefully there should not be any pain or discomfort in this .


Train your Brain

Day by day being more conscious about my body mind ,mind will play a lot of tricks to abandon the training or striking the mind but you have to go through this and kill the demon inside you and rise the god in you ,yes god is inside ,you realized it and this is the best part ,now just rise the and take him to the topmost point and then he will do things .

you are learning to train your brain and many tools you applied right and the result is here ,you understand that the only way to live full fledged life is just rising the energy an all about inclusive and the way you hold life is the only truth ,other then this is all bullshit .

The more i realize the more confidence more truth i am experiencing and experiencing that i am digging in right direction sooner or later i will achieve it for sure  ,a long story is here i will tell later .Time has come to be make screw more tight .

for doing thing right or rewiring your brain every step is important and contributing a important role in building strong foundation upon which building is rising , so add more and more positive insight to it that will give the momentum and surely result will come .be more on the solution side or say possibility side  because you are a solution to every thing ,you are a tremendous possibility in this universe and a joyful life .

 Time will come when whatever be the situation be it negative or positive it will only motivate you ,inspire you make you rise and sustain .-Author


Time will come when situation doesn’t matter to you -Author

one of the thing i would like to add is when you screw up your energy level and you start noticing that everybody is focusing on you or everybody is getting attracted towards you or giving attention to you but you must understand this that 90% of the world population is distracted or wondering what they are doing and some how they are just busy in there business or you can say successful in making themselves distracted from the real meaning.so what happen is when you screw you become more still not wondering any more like before ,just focusing on yourself and your life energies are becoming more conscious and now you are able to notice all this distraction people facing in daily life and they are doing the same thing wondering ,paying attention to outside world but you are paying attention to inner world which matters to you only on this planet ,all other is just bull shit .

Putting the matter in right context and perspective is more important then what is right or what is wrong or what is moral or what is immoral . 08/10/2019

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Brain vs Mind

So its very interesting and basic thing to understand to understand the life .what I get till now is brain had created mind and both has further more classification and  lets talk about mind or brain in other words you can say your computer hardware is brain and the software which is functioning and cant be seen by naked eyes is mind. This is as simple as that .

now you know where you have to work to increase the performance which is the ultimate goal or to live a full fledged life .