yes you read it right survival ,and funny part is you came here just because of it ,now you think what ? is it so ? no …hey why are you suspicous about this line .believe me or not but yeah its right . The word survival in oxford dictionary – the state of continuing… Continue reading surVIVAL

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on street ,Dream big

Its life don’t take it more serious just live ,life is always fair with everybody . Somehow time will go because death has life for not even a millisecond so why to worry about ,weather you are going through hell or haven don’t give a damn about it ,not every-time i was wrong some time… Continue reading on street ,Dream big

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Miracles do exist like human and let see what is it .-nk

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Don’t try to figure out India you will always disappoint yourself or we can say that there is always something left no matter how much you have understood . and same thing goes with life but its still much more to be explored and understood . nk

Being human

I was under shower playing with water and feeling calmness suddenly thought what if i tag my self as human only ,this happens because before one day we were going on chit chat and then suddenly calling some one Muslim or yadav simply tagging somebody by caste creed sex and many thing you know in… Continue reading Being human

r e t i r e m e n t

Get retire by 25 then do yoga watch movies ,listen to songs explore nature ,give attention to your health then make some new friends ,get in touch with friends in school then go out ,just explore nature give time to your family ,relatives and all sorts of thing which you are seeking and kept aside… Continue reading r e t i r e m e n t


You cannot take benefit of any thing present before you until you are fully surrendered to it and this is true for life also .-Nk I can see you squeezed eye face ,and is obvious to make like that as you have always taught in every-set of job life present ,not to surrender yeah even… Continue reading S U R R E N D E R

Find yourself

Well this a much common topic to you as you have read a lot about this as you are already in the process of imitating yes that is what this blog is all about because most of the people are imitating and another most of people are trying to imitate . And do you know… Continue reading Find yourself

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why dream is important

Dream yeah you must see dream that is what goimg to work for you or you can say upon which you work and be hsppy. Dream is beautiful ,dare to see dream and work on it and fulfill your dreams ,it will be adventurous journey yeah believe on oyurself you can see dream and you… Continue reading why dream is important

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